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Modalities I Work With

My name is Gita Jayakumar and I am a mind-body wellness therapist. I offer oneto- one sessions and training workshops in a range of different modalities. I work with my clients to co-create solutions to lasting well-being, success, and abundance.


EFT combines psychology and Chinese acupressure with specific points to deliver shifts in energy. It can be used to address health, career, relationship, lifestyle, abundance, and a range of other issues. EFT does not involve any intervention; but involves conversation and the use of a tapping protocol where the participant/client will follow me and my instructions.

Lifestyle Prescriptions

Lifestyle Prescriptions are centred on identifying the root cause for any symptom as it manifests. It involves a deep conversation with the participant/client where they will be expected to provide answers in order for the session to provide them their answers. It is a diagnostic tool and is used in complement to other healing modalities and culminates in lifestyle changes for sustainable entrenchment of good health.  

Family Constellations

Anything that is happening in your life originates from a narrative in your family tree and ancestry: someone in your ancestry may have been excluded on some ground or another, and acknowledging them and resettling them in the family tree will produce sustainable shifts in your current (and future) life. The participant/client will engage in a session using appropriate tools and protocols to develop and mobilize a family constellation to understand and address issues.


BWRT® or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, is an immensely effective technique that can often dissolve mind-related problems far more quickly than you might think. There's actually nothing else like it in the world of therapy.

German New Medicine

German New Medicine follows the Five Biological Laws to understand the root cause of what is causing a given symptom. Participants/clients will receive information on the root cause. Additional healing approaches will not be applied UNLESS the participant/client elects for a therapy modality to be deployed.

META Health

META Health is a diagnostic tool that helps assess the root cause of the symptoms. It involves an assessment of the participant/client through questions and conversation. It is a diagnostic tool and is used in complement to other healing modalities. While participants/clients will be made aware of the healing methodology that will follow a diagnosis, I will be making an assessment of what would be most ideal to their unique case.

Matrix & Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is the new, meridian tapping energy therapy that everybody is talking about. This technique has far reaching positive effects for a whole host of physical and emotional issues. It can also be used to manifest your goals and dreams.  Experience begins in the womb - the experience of life and how life is perceived can begin in the womb. Drawing on this philosophy, Matrix Birth Reimprinting combines different techniques to help clear trauma in utero and at birth, which continues to influence your present.

The Psychology of Eating

Our eating dynamics is not a function of nutrients and the nature of food as much as it is a function of our relationship with food. Through my Mind- Body Dynamics & Eating program, I work with clients to understand their relationship with food, root causes underlying these relationship narratives, and challenging beliefs that keep eating habits out of balance with what can best benefit them. I work with clients to shift these underlying patterns to bring together the most healthy dynamic that is suited to them, their goals, and their motivations.

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