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What is ACE?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

ACE, or Advanced Clearing Energetics is one such tool. It works regardless of whether a client shares out loud, or even thinks quietly about whatever issues surface in their mind while sitting with the practitioner who works on her. ACE offers the practitioner the luxury of staying out of the detailed drama that comes up for a client and helps them focus on that energy as a whole entity. After that, it can be cleared out. ACE is truly a revolutionary technique and can help one clear some of the most difficult issues that come from the past – things that you may have never even told anyone, and may have encountered. All this, without even having to reveal the issue in the first place.

The science behind this is simple. Energy is trapped in the body when there occurs a shock, or a series of stressful events and the person experiences that. Whatever it is that we define and call as sickness is only a part of a rather meaningful process. It is an unconscious adaption to stress or the body’s own effort to regenerate from it. We can use symptoms that we have as hints, in order to better understand and take care of ourselves and the way we function. This will show up later as disease, or emotional or psychological problems, or some other issue or complaint.

ACE can help us understand 'Why We Get Sick.' It shows us a step by step process that almost every disease takes. ACE also offers strategies that can help uncover the root problem and allows one to learn from the event, transform the experience it, and clear the issue. Sometimes, this is done in minutes, sometimes, longer.

Once the impact is gone, your body starts to heal itself. Remember – this is nothing out of the ordinary. The body knows how to heal itself. It also knows that there is a meaning behind every symptom. It also knows that emotional shocks and stressors are the cause of most illnesses.

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