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Lifestyle Prescriptions Coach| EFT Master Trainer | META-Health Master Trainer |  Peat and Aspectics Master Trainer | Family Constellations Practitioner | German New Medicine Practitioner | ACE Master Trainer |


Meet Gita

Entrepreneur, Mind-Body Therapist, Fitness Instructor, and Motivational Speaker

My commitment to helping people lead their lives to their fullest potential began with my own story: where I discovered a part of my past that I didn't know was holding me back in the present. A powerful shift in that narrative helped me reclaim my life and to help others do the same. 

my work

I combine over 50 different modalities and several years of experience working with unique clients, environments, and challenges to co-create empowering and lasting solutions for my clients. I have certifications from founding institutes in various disciplines, and have pioneered several unique models of working with my clients to address a variety of needs: health, career, money, and relationship issues, among others. Use the panels below to learn more about the areas of life I can support you with! 

Holding Hands
Physical and Mental Health

Sustainable solutions

I work with you to help you find and clear all that blocks your path to good physical and mental health

Holding Hands
Resolve Relationship
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Building harmony

I work with you to help release blocks and shift beliefs toward helping you enjoy fulfilling relationships in life.

Hands Typing

Exponential Growth

I work with you to help you identify your life and career path, and to clear blocks that stand in your way of achieving your career goals.

Resolving Money Issues

Abundance and Growth

I work with you to shift beliefs around money, funding, and financing, and help you attract the abundance you want in your life.

What People Say

Thanks for the EFT session(s) Gita. You helped me to make an important link that I had not made before. Very much appreciated. 

Alice Grange, USA

It is my great honor to write this testimonial for my friend and colleague Kumudha Jayakumar. A consummate professional with many healing techniques under her belt. We have worked together and swapped sessions together and her intelligence, compassion and erudition are always an integral part of her sessions, always leading me to healing of my issue.I am so glad to have had the opportunity of her healing presence in my life.

Gail Mae Ferguson, USA

I met Kumudha Jayakumar through an online international healing study program which we were both attending; and it was immediately apparent to me how knowledgeable she was.  So recently when I was having severe unexplained abdominal pain, I decided to contact her. I was extremely worried that I had cancer so I was also undergoing a series of medical tests.  After 2 sessions via Skype I was pain free and I'm still pain free one month later.   The results were nothing short of miraculous. I have since contacted her on another issue which was resolved in just one session. I can't recommend her enough.

Jenny Sherrell, Australia

2019 was personally an extremely difficult year in terms of health. I had to hold myself together and I did not have a choice. As too many things had changed within a span of few days, I was  looking for some option or channel through which I could reflect on the situation heal myself with as less intrusion as possible. This is when I suddenly was reminded of Geeta aunty, who was a friend's mom. I had never been exposed to therapy or alternative medicine but a session with Geeta aunty helped resolve unspoken and suppressed trauma of mine. It helped release emotions that I never knew I had. It was almost like somehow a burden was lifted of my body and soul. Soon I saw things falling into place, I supremely believe in the concept of energy and I do believe that it affects the body in ways we don't necessarily know. Since the session with Geeta aunty, I have been trying to be more mindful of my thoughts. I dissect situations better. I have a lot more to learn and hope to practice alternate forms of healing for things we never know are hurting from unless we sit down and listen. I am so thankful to Geeta aunty for helping understand myself better and initiate my healing process.

Dia, Chennai

I have been very blessed to experience Kumudha Jayakumar's talent at an energy healer, particularly as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Her calm demeanor during our sessions helps to balance me when I am feeling frenetic. When my emotions come to the surface and create a scattered feeling, she is always under control, making it safe for me to allow whatever needs to be cleared to rise up to be addressed. Also, I am impressed with Kumudha's ability to focus on a specific aspect of the problems I present. I always feel better after our sessions. I highly recommend her! Respectfully submitted.

Catherine Turgeon, USA

I have been truly blessed to be coached by Gita. She has a vast knowledge of EFT and an unerring instinct for approaching the work in a way that gets right to the core of the issue. Gita also has a kind and practical style that allows me to feel safe to explore old, painful experiences and beliefs, and the way they adversely impact my life today. Gita has a strong intuition that helps me to feel understood and accepted, while also encouraging me to move towards ways of thinking and being that serve me better. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you, Gita!

Jude Fay, Ireland

Through working with Gita I have been able to accomplish what years of cognitive therapy did not arrive at. Like so many others, I suffered from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas. As the years went by, instead of my resolving the issues, they stubbornly remained embedded as more and more difficult experiences and memories accumulated inside of me. Then Gita came along and guided me rapidly through memories, sensations, thoughts and emotions using special techniques that I had no idea existed. As a result of two sessions over Skype – I’m in the U.S. and she’s in India – my traumas are not there anymore. What I was previously hypersensitive to no longer causes stress or turmoil. As a result of Gita’s work with me, I am regaining authenticity. I felt an immediate sense of something changing, of inner calm and steadfastness. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to really see how this new strengthening and confidence within me are taking hold in my life. By being able to now say “no”, I find that I am empowered and healed. 

Julie Buhite, Bolivia

Gita has been regularly working with me for more than a year now using mainly traditional EFT and other advanced EFT techniques during our sessions. She is an extraordinarily gifted energy psychology practitioner who is very comfortable in dealing with a wide variety of issues. In her own unique, compassionate and profoundly non-judgmental way, she has helped me to heal my numerous issues with a gentle grace, including issues with my mother,  grief and loss issues,  depression, procrastination and lack of focus, and excruciatingly painful memories that simply did not want to leave. Gita's help has been invaluable: she is a truly sympathetic and intuitive listener with keenly astute instincts and insights, and her laser sharp focus has identified core issues within minutes where I had been trying to find these same issues sometimes for years on my own. I especially like the way she is able to switch easily and gracefully (but always to the point) from traditional EFT to more advanced EFT! 

Csontos Agnes, Belgium

I went to Gita to help heal myself. I've some mind blocks which had been creating certain health issues. She did a combination of energy therapies. I found her sessions very useful. She clearly knew what she was doing and customised her approach to suit my specific needs. I found myself responding to her treatment very well. In the beginning, I had a cyst. At the end of the sessions the physical pain I was going through had completely vanished, and the cyst had disappeared too. I feel a lot happier and peaceful from within after the sessions. I shall definitely recommend this therapy to anybody.

Preetha Subramaniam, India


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